Charlotte Triebus x Mirevi

Precious Camouflage
Big Stage
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Zwei Tänzerinnen auf dem Boden vor einer Videoprojektion
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Zwei Tänzer machen eine Brücke auf Boden vor Projektion

Assembly-line AI agents produce realistic-looking media content called deepfakes – images of people that could exist in this way while consisting entirely of artificially generated data sets. But what if movements were also artificially generated? What does it mean if the generated data set wants to simulate humanity as plausibly as possible? During the Precious Camouflage piece, four dancers from the Charlotte Triebus-led New Human Body Society ensemble collaborate with several AI agents. The autonomous systems can perceive, decide, and act independently and influence both the choreography and the live events on stage. At the work’s core lies a large installation, consisting of 4 LED elements, between which the dancers act on stage. Precious Camouflage brings visitors into a confrontation with the urgent questions of dealing with AI, its meaning, the opportunities, and its dangers. Under the artistic direction of Charlotte Triebus, Precious Camouflage is being created in close co-operation with the Mirevi Lab of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and

Charlotte Triebus works as a performance artist and choreographer. Together with her ensemble, the New Human Body Society, and the MIREVI team, she conducts research at the intersection of dance, art, and technology, combining artistic practice and theoretical research. In doing so, she specifically asks about the acting body, agency, and queer identity relations. The Mixed Reality & Visualization (Mirevi, working group at Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, headed by Christian Geiger, works in the field of VR/AR/MR and human-technology interaction, robotics, digital health, and intelligent systems. One focus of the activities lies in movement-based interfaces and the use of digital technologies in the context of art and culture. In particular, non-technical aspects of the user experience and social and ethical implications are also taken into account. For several years now, Charlotte Triebus' collaboration with the Mirevi Lab has been distinguished by its stability in quality and sophisticated productions. Artistic queries on dance art and research on technology do not only find expression in the artistic work, but they also flow into technical research and scientific publications at renowned conferences.

Duration: 45 min.

Little English is used in the play. Knowledge of the language is not necessary to understand the play.

Accompanying programme
Fri 07.06. Talk after the performance


Artistic Director: Charlotte Triebus; Performance: Annalise Van Even, Esther Siddiquie, Yurika Sophie Yamamoto, Michael Osthenrath; AI Technology Development Unit 1 | Software Development: vobe. digital, Christoph Vogel, Michael Bertram, Marius Gripp; AI Technology Development Unit 2 | Software Development: Mirevi Lab (HSD), Kester Evers, Lisa Glosowitz, Mirjam Claassen, Niklas Tluk,; Management: Henriette Dross-Duplancic; Financial Management: Ivana Družetić-Vogel; Design Assistance: Julie Farré, Machiel J. Borger; Studio Assistance: Jonas Becker.

Produced by Charlotte Triebus in collaboration with xMirevi, Unit 1: Funded by NPN-STEPPING OUT as part of NEUSTART KULTUR. An initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. Unit 2: Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Funding programme for dance tanz:digital of the German Dancesport Association. Scientific support and technical realisation Mirevi, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.