Open Stage

Performance Session

Hosted by Takao Baba
Small stage
3 €
Box office only
Eine Frau sitzt in einem schrägen Schneidersitz , die Finger ihrer flachen Hände ineinander geschoben, Ellenbogen angehoben. Hinter ihr verschwommen mehrere Tänzer*innen.

There are many creative urban dancers to be found in the battle scene. By contrast, the number of urban stage productions is comparatively small. The Performance Session provides a platform on stage for the creative minds on the urban scene. The session is open to all dancers who wish to try their choreographies or concepts in front of an audience. Improvisation is as welcome as a completed concept. The special part of the session lies in the feedback every dancer receives from the audience and the tanzhaus nrw dramaturgy team, following the performance. Artist Takao Baba, who co-developed the performance session, will host. Takao Baba successfully choreographs and creates stage pieces and has developed, among other things, the well-known Funkin’ Stylez battle format.

Duration: ca. 90 min.

Registration and information for dancers: