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Eine Tänzerin und ein Tänzer tanzen Tscherkessische Tänze. Der Mann springt in der Luft

Welcome to the Bülbül Club - a new meeting place for dancing together and dances from West Asia and North Africa. After an introductory workshop on a dance style, we dance together - like Bülbüls!

By and with Von Omar Mohamad & Irfan Genel, Circassian dances on 31.05.: Sasha, Sinejan, Gökhan & Tamby

31.05. Circassian dances

Geblagha, di Adyge Tschegum / Welcome to the Circassian dances

Welcome to the Circassian dances at the Bülbül Club, where joie de vivre, temperament, pride and grace come together. The dances offer a unique insight into a culture full of love, life and stories. In addition to dancing, the club invites you to socialise and celebrate together.

Some explanations about the dances

Full of temperament and passion - this dance combines courage and pride with fast movements. The dancers are spurred on and cheered on by the rhythmic clapping of the audience. The rousing melodies and pulsating rhythm make the heart beat faster.

Kafe embodies grace and passion. With melodic lines and elegant movements, the dancers merge into a harmonious unity that expresses their inner passion.

This dance embodies unadulterated joie de vivre and the celebration of existence. With its rhythmic flow, it captivates the dancers with its lightness and exuberant movements - a reflection of the joy of life itself.

Wuic is a traditional line dance that is often performed at the beginning or end of celebrations. It symbolises close community and solidarity. This dance strengthens unity and a sense of togetherness.

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