Open Foyer

Dance like nobody's watching

17.02.2024 – 15.06.2024
Fassade des tanzhaus nrw bei Nacht

Dancing makes us happy, brings people together and lets us forget about everyday life. On up to two occasions per month, tanzhaus nrw opens its Foyer from 3 to 6 pm for anyone who simply wants to dance everything away - beyond consumption and self-optimization. Just simply drop by!

23.03. DJ Crash

Udo Sievering aka DJ Crash has been part of the first German hip-hop generation since the early 80s and has since made a name for himself in the urban dance scene. He has been DJing at many national and international hip hop events since 2008. His references include events such as Juste Debout Germany and UK, Funkin' Stylez, SDK Germany, Global Skillz, Teamka (Moscow), UFB (Marmaris), Housedance International (New York), Deep House Mission (Paris), 4 To The Floor (London), The Waack Off, The Notorious IBE (Heerlen), Random Circles, Free Spirit and the Wakeup Battle and the monthly music show Dance Attack on the online radio stream His repertoire includes the music styles Funk, Disco, Modern Funk, New Disco, Soulful House and HipHop.

Porträt von Udo Sievering aka DJ Crash

20.04. LA CRUSH – DJ Set by Felix Waltz

The electro duo LA CRUSH (Felix Waltz & Henning Neidhardt) from the Ruhr area stands for a metamorphosis of complex and monotonous electronic beats. Beats that resonate with life and a duo that gives everything to carry the audience away. Felix Waltz will also present a wide range of sounds during the DJ set and take you on a musical trip. From relaxing, atmospheric tracks to powerful, brute sounds, sometimes even elements of RnB and HipHop, everything is possible. Felix Waltz himself is delighted when he doesn't know a single song at a party, but loves everything he hears. He always tries to give his listeners the same experience.

Künstlerisches Foto von Felix Waltz (LA CRUSH Electro Musik) im Halbdunklen, beleuchtet von Lichtröhren, wobei eine davon rot auf ihn strahlt.

18.05. Anta.Can

Anta.Can was born and grew up in Rojava, Syria. Anta.Cans music was shaped on one hand by the great variety of eastern folk music, whether  be it Kurdish, Arabic or Turkish, on the other by genres ranging from classic, rap and hip-hop to pop and electronic. Anta.Cans sets mix music with a focus on BIPOC producers, which it creates a unique and powerful atmosphere that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and social justice within the electronic music community.

Ein Portraitfoto von DJ Anta.Can.

15.06. MarXa

MarXa is part of the Get Over It Collective and has been actively shaping the queer party scene in Düsseldorf since 2016. She plays electronic music with explicit pop vibes: Nobody listens to techno, let's go.