Young Tanzhaus


Big Stage
24.11.2023 – 25.11.2023
Mädchen hält Kordelfäden hoch und schaut darauf

In collaboration with pupils from the Wim-Wenders Gymnasium.

A group of young people from the Wim Wenders Gymnasium meet the vielleicht_regen collective artists, developing a multimedia dance performance on coincidence with them.
Can you manipulate coincidence? Have you tried? What are you thinking of at this moment? What can you define with 100 percent certainty? What if…? On those and other questions, movements, sounds, images, as well as spaces of coincidence and spaces of control freaks converge to form a performance of dance, sound, and video.
A collaboration between young people from the Wim Wenders Gymnasium, Fabian Binias (music), Josep Caballero (choreography), Kamila Kurczewski (visual media), and Malin Speicher (stage).

Duration: 45 min.
Age recommendation 12+
In German language. Use of loud music and possibly strobe lights.

Accompanying programme
10:15 Moving introduction: Lisa Haucke
Sat 25.11. 17:30 Moving introduction: Lisa Haucke
Sta 25.11.
from 19:00

The performance will be followed by the
take-off festival evening with exchange, DJ and dancing.


With the support of take-off: Junger Tanz, funded by the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf  and the Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW.

take-off Festival "upside down"
Festival · 17. – 26.11.2023

take-off festival "upside down"