Young Tanzhaus

Unser Ort in Düsseldorf (Our Site in Düsseldorf)

Kareth Schaffer
Small stage
23.11.2023 – 23.11.2023
Schwarzer Boden wir von mehreren Personen mit einem Straßenplan mit Kreide bemalt
Düsseldorfer Hinterhoflandschaft mit schneebedeckten Dächern und Vögeln am Abendhimmel
Häuser in Düsseldorf vor bedecktem Himmel von halb oben fotografiert

In collaboration with pupils from the St Benedikt School

How many people know their neighbours, not to mention their next-door newsstand owners? Cities can often be sites of looming anonymity. And yet, every city has its own rhythm: Stores open and close at designated times of the day, pupils are on their way to school, trams stop, discharge their passengers, and resume their route; the pupils return from school. Those rhythms exactly serve as the inspiration for the urban choreography Unser Ort in Düsseldorf (Our Site in Düsseldorf) in which pupils from the St Benedikt School employ urban terrain as their observational ground for shared movements. Together with choreographer Kareth Schaffer, they explore and document the stories and the everyday occurrences in their immediate surroundings, taking them, dancing, onto the small stage at tanzhaus nrw, in all the richness of traffic, noise, and hubbub.

Duration: 30 min.
Age recommendation 12+
Little language, in German. Use of loud music.


Accompanying programme

Thu 23.11. 09:30, 17:30

Moving introduction: Paolo Fossa

Concept, choreography: Kareth Schaffer together with students of the St. Benedikt School Düsseldorf; choreographic assistance: Jessica Scheulen; sound design: Fabian Schulz. A co-production with tanzhaus nrw, supported by Kunststiftung NRW.

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