Performance Session #TakeHeart

Big stage
06.10.2023 – 07.10.2023
Yasemin Saat geht auf dunkler Bühne und wird von Licht angestrahlt
Ruby tanzt im Scheinwerferlicht auf dunkler Bühne
Paul Davis mit weißer Maske überm Gesicht und ein Spigel quer vor der Brust. Darauf sind die Stuhlreihen des Publikums zu sehen
Ausschnitt von Willies oberer Körperhälfte. Ihr Gesicht ist bedeckt. Es ist dunkel und sie wird von der rechten Seite vom Licht angestrahlt

tanzhaus nrw and Takao Baba would like to invite you to a special version of the Performance Session on the Grand Stage. Over two consecutive evenings, there will be snippets, insights, and work-in-progress showings by regional urban scene dancers to take in. This Special Version focuses on excerpts and preliminary research results from the #TakeCare and #TakeHeart residency grants, made possible by Fonds Darstellende Künste (Performing Arts Fonds) within the pandemic context. In Performance Session #TakeHeart, dancers from urban dance cultures show what they worked on and researched during their respective residencies. Thus, they provide the audience with insight into their dance practice. The special ingredient of the session – the audience feedback – will also be present during this edition. Dancer and choreographer Takao Baba, the Performance Session’s co-creator, hosts the evenings. There will be different programme items on each of the two evenings. There will be a jam session at the Foyer following the evening performance on Saturday. The session dancers are Bouni & Takao, Hood of Sisters, Lizzie & Simeon, Paul Davis Newgate, Ruby, Tamara Rahil, Willie Stark, and Yasemin Saat. Please find a detailed programme and artist listing here from the end of September.

Duration: approx. 120 min.

Fri 06.10. Sat 07.10.
Jill-Marie Hackländer, Ramona Buschhaus, Sarah Katharina Becher, Tamara Rahil, Tara Winterhalter & Valerio Vasile
letter to myself                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Paul Davis Newgate
SAGA (Work in progress)
Daily Noise (AT)
Willie Stark
Le Bal des Masques (Extract from the solo)
Joya & Moona
Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
Hood of Sisters
The Cypher Experiment
Accompanying programme
Sat 07.10. Jam session in the foyer with DJ Crash after the performance

Hosted by: Takao Baba; Sound / Musik: DJ F-Zee, DJ Crash

Daily Noise (AT)

In their dance practice, Lizzie and Simeon's goal of creating a framework in which they feel comfortable on stage and highlighting their strengths repeatedly leads them to the tension between choreography and improvisation. Inspired by "everyday choreographies" as we experience them at the train station or on crowded trains, Simeon and Lizzie, together with the collective they co-founded [CHAOS] CULTURE CLUB, test and expand methods that take them one step further on the path to unlocking the theatre stage.

Artists who have accompanied and inspired their journey: nutrospektif, Victor Quijada, Saïdo Lelouh

Concept, performance: Lizzie & Simeon; Dance: Agnes Probst, Gioia Luna Stolleier, Lisa Lamprecht, Ludmilla Schemak, Mika Albrink, Simeon Pohl


Dis-Connect is based on a #TakeHeart residency in which Joya and Moona explored the connection between yoga and urban dance styles. On stage, movement concepts of dance styles such as waacking and waving are explored more deeply and fused with yoga. The aim of the research was to explore yoga practices, to put them into a performative context and to engage with ubiquitous topics such as isolation, disbalance and distance.

Concept: Joya; Choreography, performance: Joya & Moona

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Takao Baba and Bounracksa Phomkhoumphon bring together elements from martial arts and urban dance styles. In search for connections between these different movement practices, the interplay between fight and dance is presented. How can form be given to these art practices and how can they be and staged? What are the parallels, differences and boundaries does one encounter in the process?

Concept and performance: Takao Baba, Bounracksa Phomkhoumphon

Le Bal des Masques (extract of the solo)

Willie Stark presents an extract of a piece called Le Bal des Masques. The piece deals with multiple injustices and systemic violence in women’s lives and how wearing a mask, metaphorically, is sometimes important to survive the complexities of power dynamics in contemporary societies.

Concept and performance: Willie Stark


Taking the place you've always had. Building a bridge between us. Not having to belong to one or the other. The presentation shows a small collage of pieces created from the feeling and thought of finding a home, exactly where you are, just as you are, and the process to get there.

Concept and Performance: Tamara Rahil; Performance: Jill-Marie Hackländer, Ramona Buschhaus, Sarah Katharina Becher, Tara Winterhalter, Valerio Vasile

letter to myself

letter to myself shows the complexity of putting pressure on oneself and the impact that pressure can have on creative processes. In the context of social networks, the uniqueness of one's own artistic work sometimes seems to fade. Pressure and self-doubt arise. It's like not being able to keep up in a race for constant change and self-optimisation. In the midst of this flood of information and images, the protagonist is confronted with a sense of frustration and a loss of creative passion, leading her to question her intention: What happened to the fun, the passion and the love? In a combination of poetry and dance, letter to myself is a process of rediscovering and rediscovering one's own creativity and self-confidence.

Concept, performance: Ruby

SAGA (Work in Progress)

In his explosive, energetic and dynamic style, Paul Davis Newgate gives insight into a work in progress and looks back at previous performances. The showing is a small retrospective of his research Who's Who, in which he explored his own and others' expectations of art, his dance practice and training.

Concept and performance: Paul Davis Newgate

The Cypher Experiment

As part of their #TakeHeart residency, HoS (Hood of Sisters) experimented with content and forms of exchange within the Cypher – a basic structure of learning within hip hop culture. The focus was on different codes and dynamics. In The Cypher Experiment, an open performative space is created in which questions are passed on to the audience and three different dynamics are integrated into a cypher:

1. silence: there is no verbal or physical communication. The circle remains without spoken language.
2. support: movements which stand out positively are commented on and receive support. Feedback can be used to create positive reinforcement of movements and expressions.
3. hype: dancers are motivated and hyped through movement and voice. The level of expression is not important.

The artists react to impulses from inside and outside and release transformative energies to break through artistic blockades.

Concept, performance: Luisa Möller, Daria Nazarenko, Nasrin Torabi, Lisa Jones