Young Tanzhaus

Jill Crovisier

Big Stage
14.05.2023 – 15.05.2023
Drei Personen sind auf dem Foto. Im Vordergrund ein Mann, der einen Fußball hochkickt, im Hintergrund ein Mann und eine Frau, die sich mit den Füßen von einer Wand abstoßen.

We sweat, we tremble, we flush, the heart beats, the breath is short. It is a familiar sensation for all of us: the feeling of being under pressure. Two performers enter the ring in dance performance Faust im Nacken, determined to fight the pressure. Through the interplay of movement, sound, and objects, an exploration ensues, examining what pressure does to our body, what puts pressure on us, and why pressure lurks in every corner. And yet, pressure can also form diamonds…

Faust im Nacken – on tour is the mobile version of the eponymous dance performance for a young audience that premiered at Theater Strahl Berlin in November 2022. The development of the piece resulted from a joint research process involving participants of the Summer Dance Workshop at Theater Strahl as well as pupils from the Gemeinschaftshauptschule Graf-Recke-Straße in Düsseldorf and the Anna-Freud-Schule in Berlin. During this, the youths’ various perspectives on the topic of “being under pressure” were channeled into the dance performance – from a critical view of grading systems at schools, the search for options to fight their own fear of the future to utopian visions of a world free of pressure.

Duration: 50 Min.

Without speech, use of loud music.


Concept, direction, video:  Jill Crovisier; choreography: Jill Crovisier in collaboration with the performers; performance, dance: Lynn Jung, Isaiah Wilson, Sven Fielitz; music: Damiano Picci - Unison Studios, lighting: Nico Tremblay & Noah Fohl (Rotondes); costume: Jill Crovisier.

A production of JC Movement production, co-produced by Rotondes LU, CAPE Ettelbrück LU, Opderschmelz Dudelange LU, supported by take-off, KulturLX, Trois C-L Choreographic Center Luxembourg LU, Trifolion Echternach LU, Ministry of Culture LU.