with works by Demetrios Navras, Kenji Shinohe and Darya Myasnikova

Now & Next
Small Stage, Studio 6
16.02.2023 – 17.02.2023
Drei Performer*innen bilden durch akrobatische Bewegungen eine Pyramide. Eine weitere Person in weiß gekleidet steht neben der Gruppe.

The platform for up-and-coming choreographers regularly shows first works, projects and works-in-progress by North Rhine-Westphalian artists. Up to three short works will be presented during one evening. Afterwards, there will be an exchange with the artists. For the February edition of Now & Next, we would like to invite you to get an insight into the works of Demetrios Navras, Kenji Shinohe, and Darya Myasnikova.

Accompanying programme
Fr 17.02. talk afterwards


TRAINING FOR NO FUTURE is a dance performance created in collaboration with A.I., demonstrating space and temporalities of digital realities and their connections to queerness (queer bodies, queer spaces, queer temporalities). The performers destabilise linear and normative narratives of embodiment, time, and progress with their queer avatars and suggest queer temporalities as new forms of ritual in a constantly collapsing capitalism. Could those rituals enable the telling of new beginnings and endings?


Demetrios Navras holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in contemporary dance from the Cologne University of Music (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln), working interdisciplinary between dance, performance, and digital art.

Choreography and Concept: Demetrios Navras; Performance: Ander Ballarin, Indumati Das, Giada Peli, Benze C. Werner, Demetrios Navras; Video: Demetrios Navras.

Kenji Shinohe: ORGARHYTHM

Four dancers present the process of an acquisition of reality and its limits. Our present time consists of four inorganic substances created by humans: Mobile phones, computers, skyscrapers, and motorways. The proliferation of the internet and of virtual reality in the last few years has additionally attached value to items that do not exist in the physical realm. Our bodies, in contrast, are organic and living; dance is a physical experience. Our heart pounds out a rhythm, but we are inorganic and unreal. Orgarhythm processes a society of contrasts as a metaphor for the dancers’ organic bodies.

Kenji Shinohe studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. Since his graduation, he has been working in various contexts as a dancer and choreographer, living in Düsseldorf.

Choreography: Kenji Shinohe; Dancers: Baptiste Bersoux, Mariane Verbecq, Narumi Saso, Kenji Shinohe; Assistance: Eva Pageix.
Supported by Maschinenhaus Essen, DIS-TANZEN and from funds of the Goethe-Institut für Darstellende Künste.

Darya Myasnikova: Metamorphosis

The experimental film asks about the connection between the feeling of security and moments of diving into nature. In markedly reduced movements of experimental dance, Darya Myasnikova created a choreography to a Russian poem dedicated to the eternal theme of creation and connection with the ancestors. With poetic images and a focused, steady camera, Felix Müller creates a knock-on effect that invites to perceive oneself as part of a great whole.

Darya Myasnikova is a Siberian dancer, performer and movement researcher living in Cologne. She works with composition, confusion, risk and thrill that adresses the audience directly.

Directed and danced by Darya Myasnikova; camera/DoP: Felix Müller; sound design: Thilo Letmathe.
Produced by HSD Hochschule Düsseldorf (formerly FH Fachhochschule Düsseldorf).

Film, duration: approx. 5 min.