Community of Practice


Community of Practice is an approach that is applied in crisis and conflict studies and in educational theory, as well as elsewhere, to approximate a problem or a concrete complex issue from different perspectives, with consideration towards solutions and practice. A group of persons who are active artistically, producing, curating, writing, and filming in the dance, performance, and choreography sectors have been transferring this approach to the artistic field over the course of five workshops since 2021.

Through the exchange on each respective, partially widely varying work practice, they identified common aspirations and formulated questions such as “How can we learn, together and from each other, in the exchange of specific practical knowledge? How can we develop strategies to react to the distribution of power, to mechanisms of structural exclusion and disparate representation practices in the arts? How can we actively influence them?”

At the end of this process, a shared gesture emerges: A poster series titled Körper machen Kontexte (Bodies Create Context). The poster series picks up the format of terms and conditions that define important aspects that make up the basics of any collaboration. The six-point terms and conditions are an invitation as well as an incitement to consider, both within as well as without the field of the arts, disparate conditions and necessary changes in existing and forthcoming collaborations.

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With: Barbara Lubich, Ana Lessing Menjibar, Sandra Noeth, caner teker, Mamady Wegat, ZOE.

VOLUME UP wird gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW.