Tap Dance Days Gala

Big Stage
Tap Dance Schuhe von hinten, mit hellem Licht im Hintergrund

Twelve international tap artists come together on stage to celebrate the 25th gala during the 2022 Tap Dance Days. Rich in rhythms, bold enough to improvise and to feature musical finesse, tanzhaus nrw shows tap at its best.

Artists Carson Murphy from New York, Estefanía Porqueras from Barcelona and Acia Gray, founder and head of the Austin Tapestry Dance Company, will join the Tap Dance Days for the first time. Together with tap legend Sarah Petronio and Sharon Lavi, Leela Petronio, Jep Meléndez, Daniel Borak, Josh Hilberman, Daniel Luka, Ayako Ukawa, and Travis Knights as further festival guests, they will showcase all of the variety in contemporary tap dance. The Roman Babik Trio will accompany the evening musically.

Duration: 100 min.