With works by Yasmin Fahbod & Mina Khani; Ruby & Bernd; Greta Salgado Kudrass & Brigitte Huezo

Now & Next
Small stage, studio 6
22.04.2022 – 23.04.2022
Ruby und Bernd tanzen in einer Halle miteinander
Zwei Personen stehen einander gegenüber und berühren sich gegenseitig mit ihren Händen.
Ein Raum voller Zettel auf dem Boden. In der Mitte eine Person in einem Umhang.
Ruby und Bernd tanzen in einer Halle miteinander

The platform for up-and-coming artists from North Rhine-Westphalia regularly presents the works, projects, and works-in-progress by young regional dance creators producing under their own names for the first time.

Duration: 80 min.

Sat 23.04. talk afterwards

Der V. Versuch

The chador and dance have a paradoxical relationship with one another. The dress regulation of the full body veil and the belief system behind it prevent dance by the body that is read as female. The chador impedes the body’s visibility. Between Western and Islamic patriarchy, in which the whole being is predetermined for women and the body that is read as female, Yasmin Fahbod and Mina Khani create a narrative of the disturbed relationship between the body and full body concealment in their work-in-progress Der V. Versuch.


In KOI-0509, urban choreographers and dancers Bernd and Ruby take on a possibly new social togetherness in a future following the pandemic. In it, the audience becomes part of the journey of two individuals, isolated from each other at the outset, who navigate through a new reality over the course of the piece. In the movement languages of urban dance styles and endogenous rhythms, these two artists devise the dynamics of a mutual approach.


UMANIMAL came about as a kinaesthetic short film in 2021. Choreographers and artists Greta Salgado Kudrass and Brigitte Huezo are currently working on a stage version of the film and will show a first work-in-progress during Now & Next. UMANIMAL deals with the meaning of being human. The artists negotiate the friction between people that occupies territories like aggression and sexuality within the ecosystem as well as the concept of being human as a transition into technology.

Der V. Versuch (Work in Progress)
By and with Mina Khani, Yasmin Fahbod.

Choreography, dance: Bernd, Ruby; Dramaturgy: Bahar Gökten, Yeliz Pazar.

Choreography, performance: Greta Salgado Kudrass; Performance: Brigitte Huezo; Music: Britta Tekotte; Dramaturgy: Alexander Ernst.