Impro performance


Big stage
Zwei Personen stehen sich gegenüber und strecken sich ihre Hände ins Gesicht entgegen.

Improvisational format IM FLAME enters a new round. This second edition will also mould the improvisation into the meeting point of different artistic disciplines that circle around the world of flamenco.
IM FLAME invites audiences and artists alike to reveal the spontaneous aspects of that which happens within the moment. The format approaches the point in time in which the unknown emerges, which touches, but cannot (yet) be named. The place that invents a universal language, leading into a shared communication.

Prior to this, Workshop Lab participants, as guided by Vanesa Aibar and Sara Cano, will show sequences from their work.

Duration: 60 min.

Accompanying programme
Talk afterwards in German and English, host: Philipp Schaus

Idea: Juan Carlos Lérida; Dance: Evan Greenaway, Juan Carlos Lérida, Vanesa Aibar, Yeliz Pazar; Guitar and vocals: María Marín; Electronic music: Joker Nies.