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with works by Daniela Georgieva, Lisa Lamprecht & Simeon Pohl and Katharina Senzenberger
Small stage
19.10.2021 – 20.10.2021
Zwei Performer*innen in einem Tanzstudio mit erhobenen Armen
Zwei Performer*innen lehnen sich im Ausfallschritt sehr weit zurück.
Zwei Performer*innen tanzen draußen miteinander

The platform for up-and-coming artists from North Rhine-Westphalia regularly presents works and projects by young regional dance creators producing under their own names for the first time.

In 270206, Düsseldorf choreographer and dancer Daniela Goergieva and dancer Hugo Le Brigand describe the transformation of the I in exchange with the other, the perception of the self and the localisation in space as resonance of sound and language. The number of human bones declines during growth, 270 become 206. Also, the localisation of one’s own body in relation to the other changes depending on the situation. The boundaries of one’s own as well as of strange bodies are felt for in this sensitive and focused choreography. They seek closeness yet remain autonomous units within the space.

Lisa Lamprecht and Simeon Pohl participated in the tanzhaus nrw urban residency in early summer of this year, working on their particular style that joins softness with breaking. Inspired by their training, often held in public spaces during the pandemic, they pose the question for havens in Freiort, coupled with a drum and bass sound carpeting and a voiceover. A question-and-answer game comes up that unfolds under consideration of personal approaches to emotion and sound.

In SOLID LIQUID, Katharina Senzenberger examines different aspects of fluids on political and material levels. With her alter egos “Sassy Sartre” and “Kikki Kamikaze”, functioning as liquid identities, the performers search for resistance within their bodies. Throughout, the performance utilises cam girl aesthetics that open a space in which power positions are under constant negotiation and binary units such as subject and object become liquified. This liquid understanding of power does not least materialize in the space, changed by only some litres of water, denying any supporting grip.

Duration: 90 min. incl. intermission

Accompanying programme
Wed 20.10. talk afterwards


Choreography, performance: Daniela Georgieva; Performance: Hugo Le Brigand.

Choreography, Performance: Lisa Lamprecht, Simeon Pohl.

Choreography, concept: Katharina Senzenberger; Performance: Katharina Senzenberger, Charlotte Werner; Music: Jana Maria Katharina Heinz, Gigi D’Agostino, Easter.