Online Talk

Monica Gillette

Eine virtuell erstelle grüne Pflanze

UNDERGROWTH. Untamed herbs, seedlings, saplings and ferns growing on the forest floor, beneath the large trees

What allows for change to take root? What supports individuals to alter what holds old systems in place? How much do we need to strip away for new practices to emerge? UNDERGROWTH is a new online series designed by dramaturge and dance artist Monica Gillette. Each month will focus on specific themes as ingredients for changemaking, in dialog with invited guest artists and attendees to the talks. For the first session, Monica Gillette invites choreographer Yasmeen Godder on the topic of empathy. Since early 2019, the Yasmeen Godder Company is deeply involved in a research project titled Practicing Empathy, out of which a series of outcomes are being created and have been presented at tanzhaus nrw. Each of the outcomes explore the notion of empathy, attempting to look at what opens us up emotionally. What makes us identify and connect with others, as well as with ourselves? And how can we create new practices, rituals, songs, and choreographies, which may open up our ability to take in complexities without fear and distrust?

Duration: 60 min. / in engl.
ZOOM-Link:, Meeting-ID: 813 4914 6180

The next talk will take place on 08.11. at 10:00.

Concept, host: Monica Gillette; Guest: Yasmeen Godder.
This project is part of Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser, supported by die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.