Tele-Presence Performance

Cosmic Wander: Kuan Yin Kali (Preview)

Choy Ka Fai
Eine Figur in bunter Kleidung geht auf ein Feuer zu

Find the livestream here

The performance “Cosmic Wander: Kuan Yin Kali” is based on a research about the coexistence of Chinese deity Kuan Yin, an embodiment of compassionate love, with Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, sexuality, and violence. On a quest for religious ecstasy and liberated expression, the hybrid divine figure Kuan Yin Kali dives into suburban Singapore, where the requirements and desires of the city state open up. As a trance-like voguing party, the performance will be led by Norwegian-Thai voguing dancer Sun Phitthaya Phaefuang, while Malay band NADA from Singapore as well as Chinese drummer Cheryl Ong will provide musical accompaniment.

The stream will be a preview of the Singapore version of “Cosmic Wander” and will be broadcast live from the Singapore Art Museum. The live stream will be a part of Choy Ka Fai’s on-site exhibition, taking place simultaneously. Besides this preview, the media artist, former Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw, will present the simulation “Blue Sky Academy #331C” as part of the programming for the current festival edition of TEMPS D’IMAGES.

Duration: 30 min. / contains English

Find the livestream here

Performance and Live Stream are hosted by Singapore Art Museum.
Cosmic Wander is produced with the support of tanzhaus nrw, Taipei Performing Arts Center and Singapore Art Museum. Cosmic Wander „Nezha“ and „KuanYin-Kali“ are funded by NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) Koproduktionsfonds für Tanz, financed by Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.