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Jazz in Motion
Big stage

In “Jazz in Motion”, Sarah Petronio, one of the genre’s greatest, invites her audience into the intimate atmosphere of a Parisian jazz club. Cool dancers and swinging musicians demonstrate that both jazz music as well as tap dance are based on various improvisational concepts. Created in a jazz club and then adapted for the stage via photography and video, “Jazz in Motion” represents Sarah Petronio’s personal homage to swing. This tap dance pioneer, who has always kept the dance’s rhythm alive throughout the last 30 years, has become an often-cited source of inspiration for a new generation of tap artists.

Duration: 70 min.

Dance: Daniel Luka, Leela Petronio, Sarah Petronio, Ayako Ukawa, Thomas Wadelton; Music: Roman Babik Trio with Roman Babik, Martin Gjakonovski, Mirek Pyschny.

Die Beine eines Tap-Tänzers während er über die Bühne läuft.
Festival · 30.04. – 03.05.2020

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