German premiere / lecture performance

CANCELLED: José Javier León & Belén Maya

De Federico a Silverio, con amor
Small stage

This lecture performance – a mixture of dance, song, music, original recordings, film projection, recital, and lecture – not only gathers the dream team of José Javier Léon and Belén Maya. First and foremost, the evening lets the audience feel, see and hear the artistry of two of the greats: That of poet Federico Garcìa Lorca as well as that of singer Silverio Franconetti, also known simply as Silverio.
José Javier Léon, writer and literary scholar, and Belén Maya, internationally celebrated dancer and choreographer, are tied together by their intense preoccupation with both Federico García Lorca as well as with Silverio and their seminal references towards flamenco. Thus, Lorca’s tight connections to flamenco are at the centre, recalling his friendship with composer Manuel de Falla, for instance, and also Silverio’s significant influence on flamenco during its “golden age” from 1869 until 1910. This evening is a subtle, entertaining and deep bow, in short: “From Federico to Silverio, with Love”.

Duration: 85 min.

Accompanying programme
Sun 05.04. talk afterwards


Festival · 03. – 13.04.2020

CANCELLED: Flamenco Festival