German premiere / festival opening

CANCELLED: Cía. Marco Flores

Big stage

It all began with a heartbeat, the pulse of life that turned into a rhythm. Marco Flores stretches his new piece from the precise moment in which life begins and develops it up to the heights of an experienced and inquisitive flamenco dancer. To achieve this, he utilises the symbol-laden game of “Rayuela”, “hopscotch” in English. There, the ability to assess one’s own ability meets foresight and projections into the future. Modelled after the main protagonist, Oliveira, in Julio Cortázar’s eponymous novel “Rayuela”, Marco Flores, together with singer David Lagos and guitarist Alfredo Lagos, sets off on a quest for that which he does not know. Renowned flamenco artist Olga Pericet, no less, accompanied the piece’s development which is going to celebrate its German premiere as the festival’s opening piece at tanzhaus nrw.

Duration: 90 min.

Accompanying programme
Fri 03.04. 19:00 photo exhibition “Retratos” by Niklas Baumberger
Fri 03.04.  19:00 book presentation “Flamenco Divino”
Fri 03.04. talk afterwards


Direction: Francisco López; Production, choreography, dance: Marco Flores; Guest artists: David Lagos, Alfredo Lagos; Choreographic advice: Olga Pericet; Original music: Alfredo Lagos; Lighting design: Ada Bonadei; Sound design: Chipi; Costumes: Olga Pericet; Tailoring: Maribel Rodriguez, Realización De Vestuario S.L.; Production: Miquel Santin; Distribution: Ciamarcoflore.
A performance by Cía. Marco Flores.


Festival · 03. – 13.04.2020

CANCELLED: Flamenco Festival