Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

Cellular Songs: Concert Version
Big stage
07.02.2020 – 08.02.2020
Portrait von Meredith Monk in Bewegung

Meredith Monk is one of the most influential and important artists of our time. With this concert, she presents her most current work together with the protagonists of her well-regarded vocal ensemble – a “deeply moving meditation on the nature of the biological cell as a metaphor for human society”, as described by the “Financial Times”. At its centre lie adventurous compositions for voice, violins, piano and keyboard. Over the course of the evening, those changing, multi-dimensional musical forms evoke variegated associations of organic processes such as layering, replication, cleavage, and mutation. “Cellular Songs” celebrated its sold-out March 2018 premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Meredith Monk is a composer, singer, director and choreographer as well as a filmmaker who devises new operas, musical theatre works and installations. She is regarded as one of the pioneers in the field of “extended vocal technique” and “interdisciplinary performance”. Over the course of the last 60 years, Meredith Monk garnered numerous awards, among those the MacArthur “Genius” Award, while also receiving the honour of being appointed “L'Officier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by the French Republic. Additionally, she became the recipient of the highest US accolades such as the National Medal of Arts and the Dorothy and Lilian Gish Prize.
The vocal ensemble centred around Meredith Monk comprises some of the best and most adventurous performers within the field of New Music. Founded back in 1978 with the aim of fathoming the potential of vocal performance together, the group has won numerous prizes over the years, among which a 2008 Grammy.

Duration: 80 min.

Voice, Keyboard: Meredith Monk; Voice: Ellen Fisher, Katie Geissinger, Jo Stewart; Voice, Violine, Keyboard: Allison Sniffin.

An event from the Approximation Festivals in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw.