Interactive installation

Charlotte Triebus

is a rose
09.01.2020 – 10.01.2020
Installation mit hängenden Pflanzen

Charlotte Triebus, dancer and graduate of the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, created this performative installation in collaboration with the Düsseldorf Innovationshub. The mixed-media installation is comprised of nine hanging plants, with their roots growing in a moss ball, a tracking system and a LED monitor. The plants perceive the visitors’ movements by means of their foliage. The plants’ seismographic imprint will be captured on a monitor, modulating a raster graphics sphere rotating on its own axis.
Charlotte Priebus processes romantical and glorified concepts of surveillance in “is a rose” as well as the controversially debated question in sociology to what extent decision-making and responsibility can be ascribed to, beyond humans, other creatures and even to inanimate objects.

Thu 09.01. 18:00 – 22:00 + Fri 10.01. 17:00 – 22:00
Duration: constantly open

An installtion by Carlotte Triebus in collaboration with Innovationshub Düsseldorf (Bastian Dewitz, Jochen Feitsch, Calvin Huhn).