Medial concert

Brigitta Muntendorf / Ensemble Garage / WARPED TYPE

Display Songs
Big stage
Drei Frauen, eine mit Cello.
Fantasiewesen mit Cello

When music generates images, voices and moods, projections and situations before our inner eyes, if even for a split-second, we are in the midst of media conditions and magic, in the midst of “Display Songs”. Composer Brigitta Muntendorf writes music that references a broadened spectrum of art and expression beyond itself, in its simultaneous use of image, tone, language, sound, and new media. So, the Cologne-based artist creates experimental musical theatre formats, and collaborated with choreographer Stephanie Thiersch and others in the past. “Display Songs” is a media concert divided into the five acts of “Public Privacy #6 – voice: bright no more”, “#Aria”, “blurred FIVE” and “#AsPresentAsPossible TWO”, composed by Brigitta Muntendorf, as well as “Caravan”, a work composed by Michael Beil. Brigitta Muntendorf will present the evening together with Ensemble Garage, founded by herself, and with Düsseldorf moving image collective WARPED TYPE.
The evening will be dedicated to the exploration of the body and its projections in a multitude of different approaches: Brigitta Muntendorf creates a space in which music generates performative and trans-media soundscapes with instrumental bodies and live electronica facilities. The musicians will also act as performers, interacting with the visual and musical material on stage. “Display Songs” is as much a fragile as well as a deafening concert, lodged between digital dimensions and analogue feedback.

Durartion: 60 min.

Composition, artistic direction: Brigitta Muntendorf; Composition: Michael Beil; Ensemble Garage: Piano, synthesizer: Małgorzata Walentynowicz; Percussion: Yuka Ohta; Viola: Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg; Violoncello: Eva Boesch; Sound director: Maximiliano Estudies; Voice: Rebekka Salomea; WARPED TYPE: Roland Nebe, Andreas Huck.