Silvia Gribaudi

R.OSA_10 Exercises in new virtuosity
Small Stage
07.09.2019 – 09.09.2019
Frau im Badeanzug tanzt
Spielzeitstart: Silvia Gribaudi

A young woman in a turquoise bathing suit enters the stage. Singing, talking and dancing, she invites visitors to witness a number of exercises, some participatory, some only fit for spectators. Everything focusses on the special physical qualities displayed by performer Claudia Marsicano on the one hand and the judgmental gaze of the spectators on the other.

Italian choreographer Silvia Gribaudi broaches the issue of expression of the body and its social role in her work. With her current piece, she invites children as well as adults to tackle concepts of virtuosity and physicalness. “R.OSA_10 Übungen für neue Virtuositäten/ R.OSA_10 Exercises in new virtuosity“ is a revolution of the body rebelling against gravity , celebrating the ease of the stage.

Duration: 45 Min.

Accompanying Programme
Sun 08.09. with German sign language
  14:00 Physical Introduction


Spielzeitstart: Silvia Gribaudi

Concept, Choreography, Direction: Silvia Gribaudi; Performance: Claudia Marsicano; Light Design: Leonardo Benetollo; Artistic Consultation: Antonio Rinaldi, Giulia Galvan, Francesca Albanese, Matteo Maffesanti. www.silviagribaudi.com

A production by ZEBRA, Silvia Gribaudi Performing Arts and La Corte OspitaleRubiera – Italia, coproduced by Santarcangelo Festival, with support from Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale Milan and Associazione Culturale Zebra – Venice, in cooperation with Armunia Centro di Residenze Artistiche Castiglioncello/Festival Inequilibrio, AMAT - Ass. Marchigiana attività teatrali, Teatro delle Moire/LachesiLAB Milano and CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea - Bassano del Grappa.