Springboard <> Dance Research North Rhine-Westphalia

with Lin Verleger, Bahar Gökten, Viola Luise Barner, Greta Salgado Kudrass, Constanza Ruiz Campusano, Amanda Romero Canepa
Studio 6
Drei Tänzerinnen im Sprung.

This research and residency format concentrates on works by young, up-and-coming artists as well as from North Rhine-Westphalian art school graduates: At the centre of this festival format lies an intense occupation with a research question and the development of new ideas. Two artist collectives were selected this year, providing a look into the course of their research.

Sprungbrett <>Tanzrecherche NRW takes place in cooperation with NRW KULTURsekretariat and tanz nrw 19.