German Premiere

Fernando López & Irene Hernández

Bailar en hombre
Small Stage
Ein Tänzer in einem türkisfarbenen Flamenco-Kleid.

Dance like a man? Dancer and choreographer Fernando López does research on classic gender relations in Flamenco and challenges the “Vicente Escudero” – traditional Flamenco’s movement code. Duet “Bailar en hombre”, presented in Germany for the first time, is the culmination of a two-year phase of practical, yet also theoretical research. Together with dancer Paca Rodrígues, Fernando López, who is not only trained in Flamenco, but also, among other things, in classical and contemporary dance, finds diverse images with which to deconstruct classic appearances of masculinity and femininity on stage.

Duration: 55 min.

Accompanying Programme
Mon 22.04. discussion afterwards

Choreography, Direction, Dramaturgy, Stage Design: Fernando López; Dance: Irene Hernández Díaz, Fernando López; Music: VVAA; Costumes: Fernando López/ GUCDE; Voice over: Emma Sánchez Montañez, Fernando López Parra.