Choy Ka Fai

Dance Clinic Mobile
Small Stage
17.01.2019 – 18.01.2019
Eine animierte Figur in weißer Kleidung präsentiert das Hologramm eines türkisfarbenen Gehirns.

Choy Ka Fai, self-proclaimed Dance Doctor as well as media artist and Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw, returns with a mobile version of his celebrated “Dance Clinic”! As Dance Doctor, he travelled the globe, curing little ailments, choreographic weakness and creative blocks. Always in focus: The dancers’ and choreographers’ individual situations and their desire for counsel. At tanzhaus nrw, Choy Ka Fai will present – technically refined and with a tongue firmly planted in cheek – the physical examination of dance patient G, Romanian queer artist and activist Paul Dunca. He again resorts to using Ember Jello, a prototype artificial intelligence developed by Choy Ka Fai himself, specialised in the problem analysis for choreographic processes. In this, he remains true to his mission to support dancers and choreographers with scientific and technological know-how.

Choy Ka Fai, who lives in Singapore and Berlin, has been a Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw since 2017 and shines his virtuosic and also entertaining light on the relation between choreography and science, body and technology. To him, the central question is asking for the future body, because: “Only dance will be capable of creating a body of the future,” according to Choy Ka Fai during his interview, conducted by Arnd Wesemann for German magazine “tanz”. Choy Ka Fai co-curated the TEMPS D’IMAGES 2018 festival and remains an impulse to the festival during this year, too, as the initiator behind the Digital Dance Labs as well as with the “Technological flesh!” lecture.

Duration: 50 Min. / in English

Concept, Dance Doctor: Choy Ka Fai, Dance Patient G: Paul Dunca; Artificial Intelligence: Ember Jello; Interface-Development, Visuals: Naoto Hieda; Interface-Design: Yusuke Kimura; Visual-Design: Brandon Tay; Audio-Design: Chong Li Chuan; Light-Design: Royaya Fudetani; Touring, Communication: Mara Nedelcu. Produced by Choy Ka Fai, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore. In the framework of MOCCA – Motion Capturing Creative Area, a Project of the Hochschule Düsseldorf Media Faculty, LAVAlabs, Velamed GmbH and tanzhaus nrw, funded by EFRE.