Young Tanzhaus · Series Little Monsters

Cullberg Ballett / Riksteatern / Sebastian Matthias

Intergalactic Underwater Palace
Studio 6
03.03.2018 – 04.03.2018
Mehrere Darstellerinnen in grau-blauer Kleidung bewegen sich über die Bühne.

Sebastian Matthias is always searching for the common groove between dancers and audience. In “Intergalactic Water Palace”, said audience will be made up of children, and the meeting will take place in a common world of movement that is both situated at the bottom of the sea as well as in space. In a very special place that is inhabited by cuttlefish and one-eyed Martians, children and dancers meet in a seating landscape reminiscent of cells. The dancers breathe life into this landscape and invite the children to move and participate. Musician Ida Lundén composes a suitable soundtrack to this intergalactic water palace live, using objects that gaze futuristically from their costumes, as well as with other electronica.

Sebastian Matthias was a tanzhaus nrw Factory Artist from 2014 until 2016. He sets the stage for different spaces with their own dynamics, searching for possibilities in which audience and performers share the space. For example: How can an audience support a choreography without turning into performers themselves? “Intergalactic Underwater Palace” is his first work for a young audience and came forth from the collaboration with Riksteatern and Cullberg Ballett, two important Swedish institutions which connected their expertise in dance and performing arts for children.

Duration: 40 Min. / Further Dates: Tue 06.03. – Thu 08.03. Kath. Grundschule Rather Kreuzweg (exclusive event).

Choreography, Concept: Sebastian Matthias; Co-Choreography, Dance; Malika Ali, Oskar Landström, David Nondorf, Madeleine Tell; Music: Ida Lundén; Room, Costumes: Johanna Mårtensson; Light design: Holger Tistad; Co-Choreography, Assistant: Isaac Spencer. A production by Riksteatern and the Cullberg Ballett.

Erwachsene und Kinder sitzen auf einer blau beleuchteten Bühne.
Festival · 23.02. – 09.03.2018

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