Virtual Reality Installation

Andrej Boleslavský & Mária Júdová

12.01.2018 – 14.01.2018
Zwei menschen in einer holographischen Umgebung.

The world as well as our bodies are all composed by microscopically small particles. Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová turn this realisation into a palpable experience. by way of virtual reality headsets. Owing to the realistic technology of “volumetric capturing”, the audience may view the two-dancer performance from every available angle, diving right into their fractured movements. 

Duration: 4 min. / Registration via 0211 17270 - 0

Artistic Direction: Andrej Boleslavský, Mária Júdová; Choreography: Patricia Okenwa; Dance: Sona Feriencíková, Roman Zotov; Music: Demdike Stare; Management: Carmen Salas.

With support from the Arts Council of England. The guest performance takes place in the framework of MOCCA – Motion Capturing Creative Area, a project of the Hochschule Düsseldorf, Fachbereich Medien, LAVAlabs, Velamed GmbH and tanzhaus nrw, funded by EFRE.