About the Tango Team

Argentine tango has been a constant source of fascination for more and more people around the world for many years. The Tango Team, consisting of Jost Budde, Stefanie Pla Pérez, Andrea Stegmaier and Mareike Focken, has developed a distinctive teaching method that enables participants to dance freely from the first class on. The style emerging from these different constellations unites traditional and modern elements of the genre as well as neotango or tango nuevo.

Stefanie Pla Pérez has been teaching Argentine tango, she curiously follows current tendencies within the genre, connecting traditions with new developments, constantly on the lookout for natural expression and joy in movement. Jost Budde has been teaching Argentine tango since the 1980s and commands years of teaching experience in sports, dance, performance, and improvisation. As a tango teacher Andrea Stegmaier emphasises the participants’ individuality and their own set of expressions, carving out each participant’s own, individual potential. Mareike Focken came into contact with tango by coincidence while on an educational journey undertaken as a linguist, putting her focus in teaching on joy and freedom in bonding.

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Portrait of the Tango-Team