Urban Dance Sessions

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Circle Session hosted by Franky Dee
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House Session hosted by Nini
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Cypher Session - Clubbing Edition hosted by Ruby & Berd
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HipHop Session hosted by Surena
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Eine Gruppe verschiedener Tänzer*innen tanzt gemeinsam im Foyer des tanzhaus nrw.

The tanzhaus nrw opens its dance floor to urban dance styles. The Urban Dance Sessions are organized for and from the Urban Community. Everybody is welcome. The sessions focuses on the passion for dance and mutual encouragement. They create spaces for encounters, exchange about dance, and experimentation. 

Duration: 180 Min.

Thu 21.03. 19:00 Circle Session
Hosted by Franky Dee
Thu 17.10. 19:00 House Session
Hosted by Nini 
Thu 14.11. 19:00 Cypher Session – Clubbing Edition
Hosted by Ruby & Bernd 
Thu 19.12. 19:00

HipHop Session
Hosted by Surena