Young Tanzhaus · premiere

Jugendkompanie tanzhaus nrw (youth company)

Flying High
Big Stage
21.03.2024 – 22.03.2024
Sechs Jungendliche füllen den Raum einer Tür aus. Eine Person macht Handstand, eine sitzt, zwei stehen und zwei klemmen sich in Ecken.

Guidance and direction Nora Pfahl & Takao Baba

The tanzhaus nrw youth company sets out to find happiness. What makes me happy? What keeps me from being happy? What makes me unhappy?

In a shared dialogue about the things that kept the young people of the youth company occupied the most, at the moment, it occurred that school, to many, is a space that has to do with pressure and overload. Dance, in contrast – as everyone agreed – was a path to flee from this stress. Together with dancers and choreographers Nora Pfahl and Takao Baba, the youth company shows the power and influence dance can exercise on our condition, what other spaces of happiness there are in our everyday lives, and how everyone may find their own secret to happiness.

Company lead: Nora Pfahl, Takao Baba. Dance: Ben Stüttgen, Benjamin Jansen, Christina Maria Steffens, Emma Fischer-Fels, Florinda van Dijk, Hanna Breuer, Kassandra Giftaki, Malu Thiersch, Marie Yamada,  Max Illner, Maya Alhammoud, Michaela Constanze Müller,  Miyako Kowalsky, Trish Moamah; Lighting design: Moritz Turek; Video projection: Felix Küppers; costume and stage assistance: Maxie Rosenkranz.

With the support of take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf.