German premiere


Cía. Marco Flores
Big stage
Eine Person trägt einen Hut, den sie mit beiden Händen festhält und dabei nach unten schaut.
Drei Personen stehen zueinander gewandt auf einer Bühne, eine Person spielt auf einer Gitarre, die anderen beiden klatschen.
eine Person ist von der Seite zu sehen, sie ist mitten in einer Bewegung und trägt ein blaues Hemd.

Rayuela (English: Hopscotch) is the Spanish designation for a children’s game that has been very prevalent in different cultures since antiquity. A game that challenges its participants to feats of accuracy, balance, and fun. Marco Flores uses it as an analogy to flamenco’s thousand-year history. With RAYUELA, he invites the audience to participate in a game that enables everybody to enjoy flamenco, poetic dance, and masterful music through its universal rules. With the works of his flamenco career spanning twenty years, Marco Flores embodies a hybrid dance with swift zapateados, subtle gestures, and unforeseeable turns.

RAYUELA explores flamenco on a dance and music voyage through the styles connected with siguiriya and folklorist fandango. It surprises with variations on the farruca and the stylistic wealth of the cantiñas and the cantes de ida y vuelta. Accompanied by the exquisite guitar of Alfredo Lagos and the deep singing of David Lagos.  

Duration: 90 min.

Accompanying programme
19:00 Physical Introduction
afterwards Talk , host: Susanne Zellinger
Sat 16.04. + Sun 17.04.
12:30 – 14:00
Rhythm and body in Flamenco
with Marco Flores
Sat 16.04.
17:15 – 18:45
Masterclass: Flamenco flair from Cádiz in Andalusia with Marco Flores
Mon 18.04.
12:15 – 13:45
Masterclass: Zapateado and classical flamenco aesthetics with Marco Flores

Direction: Franciso López; Choreography, production: Marco Flores; Choreographic assistance; Olga Pericet; Music: Alfredo Lagos; Cast: Alfredo Lagos (guitar), David Lagos (singing), Marco Flores (dancing); Light: Ada Bonadei; Sound: Jorge Cacheda; Costume design: Olga Pericet; Sewing: Maribel Rodriguez; Costume for Marco Flores in Déjate de Milongas: Paul Smith; Shoes Marco Flores: Antonio García; Castanets Marco Flores: Castañuelas des Sur; Photography: Fergó / Romo; Production: Miquel Santin; Artistic residence: Teatro Villamarta, Jerez de la Frontera.
A production by Cía. Marco Flores.