Cheers for Fears

diverse Orte
24.10.2020 – 25.10.2020
verschiedene Menschen sitzen zusammen am Tisch und arbeiten.

Since 2013, the Cheers for Fears initiative has been working on exchange modes of work strategies, aesthetics and perspectives between young artists* in North Rhine-Westphalia and their respective academies. The initiative offers a forum for presentation, critique and artistic exchange with their regular discussion formats, workshops, studio visits and its Cheers for Fears festival, which has been held annually since 2014. Acting on the creed that all actors* in the performing arts – regardless of age and artistic or academic background – bring knowledge, skills and talent to the table, all just waiting to be shared, Cheers for Fears developed their workshop camp, that will take place as a co-operation with tanzhaus nrw. In the workshop camp, everyone is both teacher* and learner*: 90-minute workshops offer an opportunity to teach a certain aspect of one’s own artistic approach, to pass one’s knowledge on, just to get to know the other participants’* knowledge and super-heroic skills in the next workshops.

Interested parties may apply for a participant* slot and/or the realisation of a workshop on a topic dear to one’s heart, with a workshop idea for a diverse number of topics here