German premiere

CANCELLED: Vanesa Aibar

Big stage

Vanesa Aibar is among the “rising stars” of the current flamenco scene. Following in the footsteps of genre greats such as Andrés Marín and Belén Maya – the latter also taking part in this year’s flamenco festival –, the charismatic dancer undertakes refreshingly exciting excursions into modern and classical Spanish dance. In “Sierpe”, meaning “snake” in English, she wears a chain mail dress knitted from metal, foregoing the traditional flamenco garb, while negotiating the ambivalent symbol of the snake representing temptation, vindictiveness and danger, but also resurrection, wisdom, energy, and “female power”. The creation came about in collaboration with Juan Carlos Lérida and grew into a fascinating solo which premiered in 2019.

Duration: 75 min.

Accompanying programme
Fri 10.04. 19:00 Physical Introduction
Fri 10.04. talk afterwards


Artistic direction, script, concept: Vanesa Aibar, Francisco Sarabia Marchirán; Choreography, dance: Vanesa Aibar; Choreographic assistance: Juan Carlos Lérida; Sculpture, props; Susana Guerrero; Musical direction, composition, guitar: José Torres Vicente; Adaption popular songs and vocals: Rocío Guzmán y Tremendo hijo; Lighting: Benito Jiménez; Sound: Pedro León; Costumes: Germán Hidalgo y Ventura; Paper art: Manuel Campos; Management: María Molina.
A performance by Vanesa Aibar, co-produced by Gestora de Nuevos Proyectos.

Festival · 03. – 13.04.2020

CANCELLED: Flamenco Festival