German premiere

CANCELLED: Antonio Molina “El Choro”

Mi Baile
Big stage

Antonio Molina “El Choro” is almost unrivalled in his embodiment of the classically male “flamenco puro” in all its facets. He already presented a convincing journey through time with “Aviso: Bailes de Jitanos”, featuring choreographies adapted or created by the “Jitanos”, at tanzhaus nrw back in 2016. This piece won him the coveted prize for the most exciting new discovery at the Festival de Jerez. In his performance “Mi Baile”, which he brings to the stage with two singers, one guitarist and one percussionist, he lets those dances shine, the dances that have become his trademark signatures. He therefore puts all elements into the service of a choreography that not only succeeds in making his charismatic expressiveness palpable but also in leaving space to let the soft and thoughtful moments breathe.

Duration: 75 min.

Accompanying programme
Sat 04.04. talk afterwards


Direction, choreography, dance: Antonio Molina “El Choro”; Vocals: Jesus Corbacho, Jonathan Reyes; Gituar: Juan Campallo; Percussion: Paco Vega; Original music and adaptation: Jesús Guerrero, Juan Campallo, Manuel De La Luz; Lighting, Sound: Félix Vázquez; Costumes: Belén De La Quintana, José Tarriño; Production: Anea Producciones S.L.; Distribution: Félix Vázquez, José Carlos De Isla, Sarao Films S.L.

Festival · 03. – 13.04.2020

CANCELLED: Flamenco Festival