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Free entry
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It is truly a special occasion when all the participants gather at the end of an intense dance camp week, take to the stage and show what’s important: Creativity, rhythm and community. During one autumn half-term week, Tanzcamp invites everyone from seven up to 17 years, with or without disabilities, with or without previous dance experience, to discover his or her individual movement language, to test and develop it. The international instructor teams are also mixed-abled, meaning one disabled instructor is paired with a non-disabled person, bringing with them urban as well as contemporary dance technique. In cooperation with Un-Label Performing Arts Company from Cologne new creative methods will be tried and examined.

Instructors: Marie-Zoe Buchholz, Tanja Erhart, Vicky Malin, Wilhelmina "Willie" Stark , Miro and Creability artist group of Un-Label.

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