German Premiere

Compañía José Galán

Sueños reales de cuerpos posíbles
Small Stage
Ein Flamenco-Tänzer hält die Hand einer Flamenco-Tänzerin, die im Rollstuhl sitzt.

Two bodies transformed, two roads crossing. In the duet “Sueños reales de cuerpos posíbles“ - Real Dreams Of Possible Bodies -, dancer and choreographer José Galán and dancer Lola López show how it is possible to care for one another in perfect symbiosis. Inspired by artists with disability plucked from all of Flamenco’s rich history, by blind singer Niña de la Puebla or mobility handicapped dancer Enrique el Cojo, for example, a choreographic research project came about, focusing on dance in a wheelchair, sharpening the gaze on the difference in bodies, encouraging a reflection of the established art canon.

José Galán, who already delivered a thrilling performance at tanzhaus NRW in 2017 performing “En mis cabales”, enables new voices in Flamenco to be heard: His company supports the development of mixed-able Flamenco performance and questions normative perspective on disability.

Duration: 50 min.

Accompanying Programme
Sat 13.04. 15:00 Lecture »Flamenco inklusiv« with José Galán
  18:30 Short performance »Sueños reales de cuerpos posíbles«
Sun 14.04. discussion afterwards


Concept, Artistic Management, Choreography: José Galán; Dance: José Galán, Lola López; Voice: Inma`la Carbonera, Juan de Mairena; Guitar: José Manuel Tudela, Rubén Lebaniego, Javier Gómez; Violin: Leslie Ann Jordan; Audiovisual Realization: Jesús García; Light and Sound Design: Arturo Uhler; Distribution: Saradezza producciones.

A production by José Galán.

Ein Flamenco-Tänzer hält die Hand einer Flamenco-Tänzerin, die im Rollstuhl sitzt.
Festival · 12. – 22.04.2019

Flamenco Festival 2019