Young Tanzhaus

Seppe Baeyens / Ultima Vez

Big Stage
24.11.2018 – 26.11.2018
Mehrere Darstellerinnen tanzen ausgelassen auf der Bühne.

A group of very different people gather for the performance, but the dancers are nowhere to be seen. Then, an older man gets up and dances. As does a child. The people in the next seat over are also participating, and little by little, the boundaries between performers and audience dissolve quickly. Seppe Bayens and his generation-spanning ensemble invoke enthusiasm with their sensitive yet thrilling performance, centred around “The Rope”, all of 65 metres long and created by artist Ief Spincemaille. Accompanied by a live band, they are on the lookout for alternative means of meeting. How can different perspectives, experiences, languages and ideas coalesce into a collective artwork? And how do you create conditions that encourage everyone to raise their voices? 

“INVITED” had a rousing reception at tanzhaus nrw during the children and youth theatre festival “You’re invited, if that’s ok?” in March and has recently been invited to TheaterFestival 2018 in Belgium and the Netherlands as one of this year’s most important new productions. Seppe Bayens started his dancing career with Belgian company fABULEUS as a teenager. Since 2011, he has been tightly connected to Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus’ company Ultima Vez. 

Duration: 70 min.

Direction, Choreography: Seppe Baeyens; Development, Performance: Oihana Azpillaga, Seppe Baeyens, Ischa Beernaert, Leonie Van Begin, Rosa Boateng, Luke De Bolle, Frank Brichau, Chisom Onyebueke Chinaedu, Roel Faes, Leon Gyselynck, Adnane Lamarti, Esther Motvanya, Trui De Mulder, Emile Van Puymbroeck, Stephan Verlinden, Elisabeth Wolfs; Live-Music: Stef Heeren, Kwinten Mordijck, Karen Willems; Dramaturgy: Kristin Rogghe; Scenography, Light: Ief Spincemaille; Costumes: Lieve Meeussen; Rehearsal Assistant: German Jauregui; Artistic Consultation: Wim Vandekeybus; Technical Coordination: Tom de With. A production by Seppe Baeyens / Ultima Vez, coproduced by Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg Brüssel. Supported by Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid and Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius. The Scenography is inspired by »ROPE – Possibilities of Binding« commissioned by N.O.W. with support from extrapole, Fabbrica Europa, Indisciplinarte, Latitudes Contemporaines, Lókal, Mom/El Vivero, Trafó, wpZimmer. N.O.W. is cofinanced by the Creative European Program of the European Union. Ultima Vez is supported by the Flemish Authorities & the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels Capital Region. An event by tanzhaus nrw in the framework of Take-off: Junger Tanz, funded by the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, the Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, in cooperation with KSL Düsseldorf in the framework of KulturTandem Das Festinklusival.