German Premiere

Manuel Liñán

Baile de Autor
Big Stage
05.10.2018 – 06.10.2018
Im Zentrum des Bildes steht der Flamenco-Künstler Manuel Liñán in einem opulenten weißen Kleid.

“Baile de Autor” keeps its titular promise: Flamenco artist Manuel Liñán devises a piece that is completely suited to him as dancer and creator. He walks through all the individual steps of the creation process onstage, imbuing each element of the production – sound, singing, guitar, dance – with his breath. Driven by his passion for dance as well as by the delight for construction and deconstruction, he draws from a vast treasure of experience, never afraid to tread on new paths. He comes up with a string of individual episodes that provide a fascinating glimpse into the fantastic worlds of his creativity. With high-profile assistance lent by singer David Carpio and guitarist Manuel Valencia, the performance leads the audience into the artistic universe behind the completed work, baring the numerous possibilities for flamenco in theatre.

Manuel Liñán is a dancer, choreographer and director, creating numerous choreographies for well-known companies such as the Ballet Nacional de España, Rafaela Carrasco, Teresa Nieto and the Nuevo Ballet Español, alongside his own work. He introduced himself as a solo dancer with “Tauro” in 2008, and was awarded the prize for the best dancer at the prestigious Festival de Jerez in 2012, again winning a prize for “Reversible”, this time the critic’s award, at the Festival de Jerez in 2016.

Duration: 70 min.

Accompanying Programme
Fri 05.10.

19:30  introduction to contemporary flamenco with journalist Susanne Zellinger

discussion afterwards

Sat 06.10. 20:00 physical introduction
Sat 06.10. – So 07.10. Workshops with Manuel Liñán, David Carpio and Manuel Valencia


Dance, Choreography, Artistic Management: Manuel Liñán; Voice: David Carpio; Guitar: Manuel Valencia; Music: David Carpio, Manuel Valencia; Light Design: Olga Garcia; Sound Design: Hector Gonzalez; Sound: Kike Cabañas; Stage, Costumes: Felype de Lima; Costume Tailoring: Gabi Besa; Production, Management: Ana Carrasco; Assistant, Tourmanagement: Eva Marcelo.