HipHop Show Contest/Under the direction of Takao Baba

Dance Delight Germany

Big Stage
Crew tanzt bei Dance Delight Germany

For the seventh time, tanzhaus nrw hosts hip hop show contest “Dance Delight Germany“, all the while celebrating its 25th international anniversary. “Dance Delight Germany” simultaneously serves as the German qualifier for one of Japan’s most famous hip  hop events: “Japan Dance Delight”. Dancers of all styles, from b-boying/ b-girling, street jazz, voguing and pop, appear before an audience at tanzhaus nrw. “Dance Delight” is not a classical battle, but rather a show contest: At least two and at most five dancers present short choreographies. An expert jury decides in the end who will make the trip to the Japanese finals in Tokyo in August. The Düsseldorf winners will compete with those dancers who came up victorious at the other international qualifiers in Finland, France, the US or China, for example. The expected audience turnout in Japan is more than 8.000 people.

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Duration: ca. 90 min.