Lecture Performance

Lina Majdalanie

Studio 6
Schwarzes Graffitti auf einer weißen Wand.

Due to religious regulations, it is impossible to cremate a corpse in Lebanon. In “Appendix”, author, director and actress Lina Majdalanie reports on her radical decision to circumvent the law and to still deliver her body into the fire: Bit by bit, she intends to remove all of her organs and have her limbs amputated, to be sold as works of art. The consistency with which the performer clings to this thought is at once fascinating and shocking, while also shifting the gaze onto those who impose force, religion and national power on the individual body. As in many of her collaborations with Rabih Mroué, the lines between personal life, art and politics blur.

Duration: 50 min. / in French and German with English subtitles