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with Dodzi Dougban & Thomas Kunfira, TachoTinta and Wilhelmina “Willie“ Stark among others
Small Stage & Studio 6
12.03.2018 – 13.03.2018
Zwei Tänzer die gemeinsam eine akrobatische Figur bilden.

Non-verbal communication is at the centre of “(K)eine Kommunikation – (No) Silence!“ (“(No) Communication – (No) Silence!”), conceived by deaf dancer Dodzi Dougban and artist Thomas Kunfira. Together, they probe for the misunderstandings and opinions on sign language as well as hearing-impaired communication. In this, they provide insight into the history of sign language, make choreographies grow from hand signs, showing the speaking capacities of facial expression and gesture, clearly demonstrating: The individual personalities are at the forefront of this conversation. 

Artists’ collective TacoTinta dub their work “Ms. Mon” and describe the phenomenon surrounding a dancing woman. A pipe dream, a legendary creature, an idea, composed of many images. Choreographers and dancers Sooyeon Kim, Mirjam Schirk and Silvia Ehnis exhaust their own physicality in order to share their own and personal “Ms. Mon” with the audience. They search for the moment that occurs when the audience stops regarding them as dancers and recognises their other side, the side signifying their own dreams.

With the solo Wilhelmina “Willie” Stark developed in the course of the “Sprungbrett” junior support programme at tanz nrw 2017, she, for the first time, pours her virtuosic abilities applied to House Dance, with which she won numerous battles and which made her a valuable teacher at tanzhaus nrw, into a stage play. She produces an exact gaze on bodies and the way they encounter the audience with her performance “Melanin”. Therefore, she attends to questions of “race” and “gender” that are central to her work as dancer, teacher and judge.

Duration: 90 min.

»(K)eine Kommunikation – (No) Silence!« Choreography, Dance: Dodzi Dougban, Thomas Kunfira; Direction: Denis Dougban; Video, Technical Management: Volkan Taskiran, Nene Tshilombo. A production by ART.62 in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw. »Ms. Mon« Concept: Sooyeon Kim; Creation, Performance: Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte, Sooyeon Kim, Seulki Hwang; Dramaturgical Cooperation: Valerie Wehrens; Music: Thomas Wansing. A production by TachoTinta and tanz.tausch – tanz- und performance festival. »Melanin« Concept, Choreography: Wilhelmina »Willie« Stark. A production by Wilhelmina »Willie« Stark, funded by the NRW Kultursekretariat and tanz nrw 2017 in the framework of »Tanzrecherche <> Sprungbrett«.
The Plattform für junge Tanzschaffende in NRW is funded by the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf.