Young Tanzhaus · Series Little Monsters

Colette Sadler

We are the Monsters
Studio 6
05.10.2017 – 08.10.2017
Drei Performerinnen in bunten Ganzkörper-Kostümen vor einem Stapel aus Pappkartons.

A track jacket tower with legs, a golden creature with a button and a walking nonsense: Welcome to the Monster family! Four dancers disappear in crazy costume objects where it’s hard to tell up from down and where to look for legs and the heads. In a cardboard box landscape, the family arranges itself, determining the world according to their own rules. All the while, every monster’s uniform tells us a whole lot about its character and its specific kind of movement. Chaotically, they double and replicate, regroup and get worn on the head or inside-out.

The monstrous as well as the impossible and the unknown are topics with which Scottish choreographer Colette Sadler, now living in Berlin, also deals with in her plays for grown-ups. Colette Sadler received her education in classical dance at the Scottish Ballet, concluded her studies at the Laban Centre in London and started developing her own works in 2002. A first version of “We Are The Monsters” was already developed during a 2011 summer residency at tanzhaus nrw. With the humorous performance “We Are The Monsters”, wherein we look for the monster we all have in us, Colette Sadler and the tanzhaus nrw embark on a new monster journey. So, in October, work will start on the production “Monster Odyssey”, and Colette Sadler will regularly be on-site for research and residency.

“Sadler makes all possibilities of quirky combinations lead up to a gathering of the most bizarre creatures. There is a lot of personality, mischief and humour beneath that plush fur.” Mary Brennan, Herald, August 2015

Duration: 45 min.

Accompanying Programme
Sat 07.10 + Sun 08.10.

16:00 workshop »Meet the Monsters«



Choreography: Colette Sadler; Stage- and Lightdesign, Costumes: Philine Rinnert; Music: Brendan Dougherty; Performance: Assaf Hochman, Maxwell McCarthy, Naama Iytel, Stuart Meyers.
A production by Colette Sadler / Stammer Productions, coproduced by tanzhaus nrw in the framework of Take-off: Junger Tanz, funded by the  Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and the Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW. Furthermore funded by TWR Glasgow. With support from Creative Tramway Family Day 2012, Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre and Tanznacht Berlin 2012.