Frau oder Mädchen mit glitzernden Silberschuhen in der Hand


tanzhaus nrw focusses on classical oriental dance, veil dancing, folklore dances as well as on oriental fusion in its oriental dance area. As an umbrella term for numerous aspects determined by history, geography and culture, it is, however, hard to pinpoint. While countries with a long tradition stress celebration or the solidarity within the family or exclusively among women, the oriental dance as it developed in the West in the course of globalisation aims for the development of body awareness and the learning of a choreography. Significantly shaped by dancer and choreographer Manis who has been at the house for many years, tanzhaus nrw nw hosts a feminine, constitutional dance style, emphasising the physicalness of the body, in the classes that can be practiced well into old age. The addition of various props as well as imaginative and gorgeous costumes is viewed as expression of community.


Portrait of Manis


Manis is a choreographer and dancer and has been an appreciated oriental dance teacher at tanzhaus nrw for almost 30 years. Her classes are marked by spontaneity and liveliness. Manis regularly guests at international genre dance festivals, both solo and with her dance ensemble Sinam, founded in 1995. In 1995, she won the “Halim Prize”, awarded by the eponymous trade magazine, with Sinam. Manis has been an active teacher at the house since 1990, and as such has also been a part of the “Werkstatt” teaching team at tanzhaus nrw’s precursor. She has been crucial in building the oriental dance sector at the house, of which the Festival Orientale was a part for many years.