Kreativer Kindertanz

Creative Children´s Dance

Fantasy, creativity and the joy of movement are in focus at creative children’s dance, as realised by the various teachers at tanzhaus nrw. In addition to providing a solid foundation in movement schooling, creative children’s dance focusses on supporting the child’s creative power, playful desire and desire for narrative as well as the child’s musicality, rhythm, a feeling for space and community. The offering is aimed at children ages 2 and up, and, regarding this age group, also at their parents or other caretakers who are all invited to participate in the classes.


Cinthia Nisiyama

Cinthia Nisiyama

Cinthia Nisiyama, born in Sao Paulo, worked after her classical ballet training with many well-known contemporary choreographers and companies in Brazil. She has been living and working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Germany since 2005, and as a dance teacher since 2009. With the company Moneka-Theater she has been performing her own children's dance theater pieces since 2015.

Porträt Doralisa Reinoso de Tafel

Doralisa Reinoso de Tafel

Doralisa was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lives in Germany since 2014 where she works as a dancer and teacher. She studied classical ballet and contemporary dance and has performed in several national and international festivals. Doralisa’s teaching ethos emphasizes endless exploration, nourishing of body, spirit and soul, being spontaneous and authentic in he creation of music with respect towards your own body and other people in the class. As a creative artist she is mindful of giving space to feel and explore the possibilities of finding new ways to make and research choreographic work and material. Dance is less about time than simply feeling what is in the moment

Gabriela Santos im Porträt

Gabriela Santos

Gabriela Santos holds a BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, where she was able to dance numerous works by American choreographers such as Bill T. Jones, Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor and many more. Gabriela also taught at the Ballet Academy East in New York, gave numerous workshops, and took every opportunity to complete internships with prominent teachers while dancing in professional projects. Beyond New York, Gabriela worked as a dance teacher, choreographer, and dancer in Peabody Preparatory of Dance in Baltimore. Very soon after completing her studies, Gabriela was contracted as a stage dancer by TUI Cruises Mein Schiff 1, where she performed daily in several theatre productions. She is currently working towards her master’s in dance pedagogy at the Palucca University of Dance. Gabriela has been teaching dance in Germany since 2019.

Glib Movenko

Glib Movenko

Glib Movenko was born in Kiev, Ukraine. First he danced Latin and Standard (Ballroom Sport Dance) for about 10 years, then Hip-Hop since 2000. During his studies "Choreography - Teacher of Choreography and Art" he learned classical ballet and Ukrainian folk dance. He has 20 years of teaching experience. Dance has saved him several times in different crises, such as the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the 90s, a family separation or his own puberty. Dance has always given him the motivation to keep developing and to train with all his heart and strength. And this often with success in international dance competitions. The many trips to competitions and performances have since given him the strength to use his art and sport in the context of international understanding, which especially distinguishes and enriches his enthusiasm for teaching dance with children.

Portrait of Ivana Kisic

Ivana Kisic

Ivana Kisic is a freelance dancer and dance pedagogue with Croatian roots. She started out doing classical ballet in her youth, later dancing in shows and taking part in numerous competitions. Following her studies at ArtEZ University of Arts in Arnhem to become a dance pedagogue, she was in charge of the children, youth and adult sections of several dancing schools in Düsseldorf and the Ruhr Area. Ivana has also been teaching at tanzhaus nrw since 2007. She was part of the tanzhaus project “Take-Off: Junger Tanz” and took the stage as a performer in the production “the common people” by Belgian choreographer Jan Martens, also at tanzhaus nrw.

Laura Wolff

Laura Wolff

Tanz begleitet Laura seit sie klein ist. Als Jugendliche hat sie selber an Kursen am tanzhaus nrw teilgenommen, bis sie zum Studium nach Hamburg und London gegangen ist. Sie arbeitet seit vielen Jahren in verschiedenen Projekten, Tanzschulen und Kindergärten mit Kleinen und Großen tänzerisch zusammen. Außerdem unterrichtet sie für verschiedene Städtische Musikschulen Jekits Tanz.

Seit Anfang des Jahres gibt sie den Kurs Kreativer Kindertanz. Wichtig ist ihr die Kinder zu begeistern und ihnen zu vermitteln „Es gibt kein Richtig und kein Falsch!“. Sie möchte sie ermuntern sich über den eigenen Körper auszudrücken und zu erleben. „Ich staune immer wieder, wie gut die Kinder beobachten und wie ausgeprägt ihr Verständnis von Bewegung und Körperlichkeit ist – und wie kritisch sie sein können.“ Neben dem technischen Teil, in dem Bewegungspraktiken erlernt werden, geht es im Kurs auch darum, dass die Kinder eigene Bewegungsideen mit einbringen.

Porträt Nadja Görts

Nadja Görts

Nadja Görts was last dancing in Musicals and she has an MA degree in Dance Pedagogy, Research and Artistic Practice from Sporthochschule Cologne. As a choreographer she has worked in Germany and internationally in Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Tunisia. Her recent dance film „Würde“ received several awards in international festivals. As a music theatre pedagogue she regularly supports the team at Junge Oper am Rhein. Her training as a yoga teacher with a specialization in yoga therapy, dance and movement pedagogy was undertaken in Bali and she has been working as a yoga teacher and trainer for several years. Nadja is also a full-time mum of a two-year old daughter and experiences from her own pregnancy have influenced her personal teaching style.

Portrait of Nora Pfahl

Nora Pfahl

Nora Pfahl graduated from her dance studies at ArtEZ University of Arts in Arnhem. She passionately danced ballet, modern and jazz dance from an early age. Since her graduation, she has been working internationally as an instructor, dancer and choreographer. Apart from her numerous freelance artistic works, she is also in demand as a choreographer for TV station KiKa, Junges Schauspielhaus, Tonhalle and tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf. Since 2006, Nora has been an instructor at tanzhaus nrw. “I am very happy to be able to do exactly what I love.” Her acting debut – following her childhood’s second dream job – was as the Red Riding Hood in Düsseldorf theatre collective Pièrre.Vers’ production of “Rrr.käppchen”. The collective also takes part in Düsseldorf’s Asphalt Festival and düsseldorf festival! annually. Additionally, Nora choreographs and hosts the “Plutino” series at Tonhalle Düsseldorf, a work within the frame of “Take-off: Junger Tanz”, initiated by tanzhaus nrw.

Portrait of Tanja Emmerich

Tanja Emmerich

Tanja Emmerich started dancing ballet at age eight. Later on, she took additional classes in modern dance and jazz with Carlo Melis and others. As a youth, she discovered the variety on offer at tanzhaus nrw and took even more classes in jazz dance and hip hop. Tanja studied at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem and completed her dance pedagogy studies at the Weber-Schule in Düsseldorf. Following this, she obtained a certificate as a dance pedagogue at the Ballettseminar Stuttgart under the direction of Eva Steinbrecher. She has been teaching children, youths and adults in different dance styles while also working regularly as a choreographer for dance and theatre productions such as the Neusser Musical-Wochen. She has been a member of the core instructional team at tanzhaus nrw since 2015.