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Akademie Showings

Following a semester of intense course work, let us proclaim: The stage is yours! The tanzhaus Akademie participants now have the opportunity, with the Akademie Showings, to show their skills on the Big Stage to an audience.

More than 2,000 kids, teens and adults participate in the tanzhaus Akademie classes every week, learning a wide variety of dance styles – from children’s ballet to hip hop to tap and jazz dance. In this showing the courses from 16 years and above will perform choreographies and little pieces which they collaborated on with their teachers during class.

The Academy Showings make up the highlight as well as the conclusion in the Academy year before the new program starts in January. Aside from friends and family of the participants, the showing address all those interested in dance and who would like to get to know more about the Akademie offerings and the scope of dance on stage.