German premiere

CANCELLED: Juan Carlos Lérida

La Hora del Ritual

Juan Carlos Lérida commemorates a feeding on Good Friday. While he dances, transdisciplinary food artist Marina Monsonis prepares a paella. In this manner, dance moves encounter ritualised cooking gestures here. It centres on the finite ecumenical community that forms around the collective supper.

Juan Carlos Lérida is among Spain’s most innovative flamenco artists; he furthermore acts as a curator and researcher while also regularly showing his creations during the Flamenco Festival at tanzhaus nrw. He represents an adventurous and important voice within the genre. With his “Al Toque”, “Al Cante” and “Al Baile”, in which he, for instance, dismembered the flamenco triad and dedicated himself to its peculiarities, he managed to excite and challenge the global flamenco community. In this year’s festival edition, he will present three tableaux vivants – “La Hora del Ritual” is one of them – taken from his six-part work “La Liturgia de las Horas”, that deals with the number 12 in very diverse manners.

Duration: 50 min.


further works from “La Liturgia de las Horas:

Sat 11.04. 18:0
El Monte de los Olivos

Sun 13.04. 15:00 + 15:30 + 16:00 + 16:30 + 17:00 + 17:30
Las Máquinas Sagradas

Festival · 03. – 13.04.2020

CANCELLED: Flamenco Festival