Urban Dance Battle

Hosted by Takao Baba

Snipes Funkin’ Stylez / Final
Big stage
Headspins eines HipHop-Tänzers
Ein HipHop-Tänzer, sehr jung, in Action
Eine junge Tänzerin im Headspin im tänzerischen Wettbewerb
Tänzer mit roter Hose in Action
Tänzer mitten einer Battle

Annual international hip hop event Funkin‘ Stylez, features more than 400 participants between 18 and 40, inviting everyone to attend the international finals for the best hip hop dancers! The international hip hop community, under the direction of Düsseldorf dancer and choreographer Takao Baba, will celebrate all hip hop styles, from house and pop to Me Against The Music, while also presenting the 5 vs 5 team battles in mix styles. The jury will be cast from pioneering protagonists representing the different styles. All of the judges will also host workshops at tanzhaus nrw as part of Funkin’ Stylez.

Sat 07.12. 14:00 Preselection