Double Bill

featuring works by Céline Bellut & Kollektiv ZOO
Small Stage & Studio 6
13.12.2019 – 14.12.2019
Vier Performerinnen verschänken den Arm vorm Gesicht
Performerin am Mikrofon im Vordergrund, Tanzende im Hintergrund

With the Double Bill for first productions, tanzhaus nrw invites you to a long night of performative arts: The evening will start with HOLD ON, a turn towards female* sexual fantasies. Subsequently, Kollektiv ZOO will celebrate a festival of self-care in Takanakuy Shower.
Cologne choreographer Céline Bellut explores questions from which she and four performers develop texts, movement and sounds: What would I like to feel when my body tells me of its sexuality? How would I like to move if I let my dancing body lead me instead of me judging it? Who would I like to be if my fantasies guided me to places society would not let me reach? So, the performers explore their relations to intimate moments.
In the evening’s second part, Kollektiv ZOO tests out what it means to follow physical requirements in a living space devoid of taboo, unafraid of consequence. It starts with Peru’s Takanakuy Festival and the question if regulated fights could reach the potential to arbitrate conflict in other societies, too. With advanced rioting, ritual excess and atmospheric fluctuation, they put physical and emotional needs in focus. They are simultaneously feted as utopian alternatives to neo-liberal exploitation of the body and the self.
Céline Bellut, Folkwang University of the Arts graduate, showed her piece
Pop it! at Now & Next as well as at other events, providing an undisguised look at the sexualisation of the female body in pop culture. Kollektiv ZOO, comprised of graduates from Szenische Forschung (Scenic Research) at Ruhr University Bochum, presented the Takanakuy Shower‘s predecessor, Joying I, as part of Residenzen im Realen/ Realities in Reality.

Duration: 3 hours

Accompanying programme
Sat 14.12. “HOLD ON” with German Sign Language (DGS)

HOLD ON Choreography: Céline Bellut; Dance: Nejma Larichi, Clara-Marie Müller, Charlotte Virgile; Voice-Performance: Britta Tekotte; Video & Outside Eye: Anne Weyler; Costume: Noemi Baumblatt; Graphic design: Saskia Holte; Production management: Caroline Skibinski. Takanakuy Shower By and with: Jerome Schickschneit, Marlene Ruther, Elsa Artmann, Anja Plonka, Constantin Leonhard, Jens Eike Krüger.
HOLD ON is a production by Céline Bellut, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, funded by Kunststiftung NRW, Stadt Köln; supported by funds provided by nrw landesbuero tanz. In cooperation with ZAIK, Quartier am Hafen, TanzFaktur. Takanakuy Shower is a production by Kollektiv ZOO, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, funded by Landesbüro für darstellende Künste NRW.