Young Tanzhaus · Reihe Melancholie & Muskeln / German Premiere

Alida Dors / BackBone

Big Stage
07.03.2019 – 08.03.2019
Drei Tänzerinnen in Bewegung auf der Bühne.

Alida Dors’ most current work originated in a test arrangement: Six dancers were deprived of all the things securing their social identities. Yet, what defines who you are when social background, status culture and language no longer matter? And do you have the capacity to reinvent yourself? The Dutch choreographer, always searching for a connection of urban and contemporary dance in her plays, focuses on the topics of resilience and assertiveness here. She develops a raw yet delicate performance in which one experiences situations of debilitation as well as of empowerment.

Among other things, Alida Dors was inspired by the situation refugees find themselves in: “I see peoples’ resilience at so many junctions in society. People who are ostensibly bereft of any chance whatsoever rise above their circumstances, time and again. Refugees around the globe demonstrate their willpower. As a species, we are incredibly resourceful. That occupies my mind, that moves me.” “Rebound”, accompanied by live music played by composer and percussionist Vernon Chatlein, is built upon the eponymous 2005 play by Dutch choreographer Conny Jansen, in which she fused resilience with the physical states of elasticity and pliability.

Alida Dors and her company BackBone have been regularly collaborating with tanzhaus nrw since the performance of “Living apart and together” in 2013.


Duration: 60 min.

Accompanying Programme
Fri 08.03. 19:00 Physical Introduction


Choreography, Concept: Alida Dors; Composition, Live-Music: Vernon Chatlein; Dancers: Pom Arnold, Donna Chittick, Thomas Krikken, Liza Panjoel, Remses Rafaela, Naïma Souhaïr; Dramaturgy: Peggy Olislaegers; Stage Design: Ascon de Nijs; Stage Set-Up: Man met de hamer; Costumes: Isis Vaandrager; Light: Jeffrey Steenbergen; Technical Production: Disappearow; Technical Support: David te Marvelde, Jeffrey Steenbergen u.a.; Creative Management: Ayra Kip; Management: Susanne Tuny.
A performance by BackBone, co-produced by the Theater Rotterdam ánd tanzhaus nrw in the framework of Take-off: Junger Tanz, funded by the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and the Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW. Furthermore funded by the Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst und Fonds21.